Body Treatments

Body Buff Cleanse

Duration: 30 minutes

A gentle, all over body exfoliation, using grapeseeds in a botanical rich body cleansing cream. Feel invigorated and revitalized as your body is polished to glowing perfection before receiving a body treatment.

Detoxifying Thalassotherapy

Duration: 90 minutes

After being exfoliated with the salt crystal buff, you are submerged in a heated, aromatic bath infused with a remineralising sea water concentrate, (rich in mineral salts and trace elements), a detoxifying Fucus and marine sediment blend, (promotes elimination of toxins and induces perspiration) and a synergistic blend of Juniper berry, Grapefruit and Tea-tree essential oils. ... More

Luxurious Pinotage and Lime Salt Glow

Duration: 30 minutes

A luxurious, ritual body salt scrub, consisting of refined marine salts, grape extracts and honey infused with lemon, lime and sweet orange essences. Silky smooth skin prevails.

Cellulite Treatment

Duration: 60 minutes

Reduces the appearance of cellulite and enhance your natural body shape by improving microcirculation, optimizing lipolysis and strengthening the epidermis of your skin with this ground-breaking new scientific, active-based treatment!

Friction Scrub

Duration: 30 minutes

A warming sugar scrub infused with circulatory-boosting essential oils used as an antidote for a tired body and mind. This scrub gives an exhilarating start to your day with an uplifting aroma of eucalyptus, pine and black pepper to help unwind the body and mind as well as ease muscular aches and pains.

Leg Treatment

Duration: 45 minutes

An invigorating foot and leg treatment combining manual lymphatic drainage with a muscular aches and pains body oil blend. Your feet and legs are then wrapped in a circulation-booster gel followed by the application of a hydrating body lotion. This is the perfect treatment to help relax and relieve tired, heavy legs.

Grape Infused Sponge Soap Exfoliation

Duration: 30 minutes

Your body is cleansed with an exfoliating sponge embedded with a concoction of red grape skin extract, redbush extract and vegetable soap – something totally unique!

Grape Cleanse And Hydrating Milk Ceremony

Duration: 60 minutes

Your body is primed for a luxurious treat whilst your therapist rids your skin of rough, dead skin cells using a crushed grapeseed cream cleanse. Warm, rich hydrating milk is then poured over your entire body before being cocooned in warm blankets for the ultimate in relaxation and hydration. Whilst inhaling the aromas, enjoy a relaxing facial massage. ... More

Recharge Body Clay Wrap

Duration: 90 minutes

A vibrant blend of essential oils of Clary Sage, Rose and Jasmine will enliven your total being. ... More

Chocolate Body Treatment

Duration: 75 minutes

A new technology of eco products with a guaranteed quality and high content of active ingredients. The added fragrances, coloring agents and stabilizers are derived from natural products and completely harmless. The creation of the range is inspired from the combination between the Bulgarian traditions with the modern technology of the 21st century. ... More