Body Shaping Treatments

Cellulite Treatment

Duration: 60 minutes

Reduces the appearance of cellulite and enhance your natural body shape by improving microcirculation, optimizing lipolysis and strengthening the epidermis of your skin with this ground-breaking new scientific, active-based treatment!

Deluxe Cellulite Treatment

Duration: 75 minutes

Experience a specialised treatment to stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems, concentrating on the areas of the body prone to ‘blockages’, cellulite, fluid retention and uneven skin texture. After an exfoliation, a cellulite complex is massaged onto the affected areas. ... More

Detoxifying Thalassotherapy

Duration: 90 minutes

After being exfoliated with the salt crystal buff, you are submerged in a heated, aromatic bath infused with a remineralising sea water concentrate, (rich in mineral salts and trace elements), a detoxifying Fucus and marine sediment blend, (promotes elimination of toxins and induces perspiration) and a synergistic blend of Juniper berry, Grapefruit and Tea-tree essential oils. ... More

Contouring Envelopment

Duration: 90 minutes

Your treatment begins with a detoxifying, red grape skin salt scrub. A specialized, lymphatic drainage technique is performed using a synergistic blend of contouring and detoxifying essential oils. Experience the peak of marine pleasures whilst you are enveloped with our contouring seaweed mask, rich in minerals, trace elements and alginates. ... More