Moisturizing Body Treatments

Grape Cleanse And Hydrating Milk Ceremony

Duration: 60 minutes

Your body is primed for a luxurious treat whilst your therapist rids your skin of rough, dead skin cells using a crushed grapeseed cream cleanse. Warm, rich hydrating milk is then poured over your entire body before being cocooned in warm blankets for the ultimate in relaxation and hydration. Whilst inhaling the aromas, enjoy a relaxing facial massage. ... More

Firming and Hydrating Body Wrap Gel

Duration: 90 minutes

A wonderful nourishing and firming treatment in which firming actives and essential botanicals are blended in an aloe based pack. Let yourself drift away as you are cocooned in a thermal blanket, revealing skin with greater firmness, uniformity of tone and texture.

Exfoliating and hydrating treatment

Duration: 40 minutes

Body exfoliation followed by hydrating massage which leave the skin soft and silky!