Exclusive Aroma Massages

Relaxing Pinotage Massage

Duration: 60 minutes

Tension melts away with our relaxing massage containing a synergistic blend of cape chamomile, neroli and lavender. Relax in complete tranquillity!

Moisturizing Pinotage Massage

Duration: 60 minutes

You are blissfully massaged with a concoction of mandarin, jasmine, neroli, grapeseed and wheatgerm oils to moisturize and nourish dry skin. Skin is left feeling soft, smooth and radiant.

Slimming Pinotage Massage

Duration: 60 minutes

Enjoy the refreshing power of carefully selected essential oils which will enliven your total being. Bursting with the overwhelming benefits of essential oils of lemongrass, fennel, and patchouli, it improves sluggish circulation, relieves water retention by eliminating toxins and decongesting the tissues. Ideal for frequent travelers.

Detoxifying Pinotage Massage

Duration: 60 minutes

A lymphatic drainage massage performed to aid lymphatic flow thereby breaking down and eliminating toxins. A 100% natural oil consisting of blue mountain sage, basil, juniper berry and rosemary extracts.

Sculp, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Duration: 25 minutes

Relax whilst feeling the expert hands of your therapist easing stress-related knots and melting away tension and anxiety that have built up in this body zone.