Spa Rituals

Spa Ritual The Magic of herbs

Duration: 75 minutes

Anti-aging and revitalizing face and body ritual
Purifying and detoxifying treatment for luminous skin with warm honey - herbal peeling, massage with warmed honey and with clay Rhodopes tiles, followed by body wrapping with Herbs and Honey. ... More

Chocolate Face and Body Ritual

Duration: 90 minutes

This therapy has a deep hydrating, softening, nourishing and regenerating effect. For a silky smooth skin with a long-lasting impact. Designed for body and face. ... More

Rich Milk Bath Ritual

Duration: 80 minutes

Let the pressure of everyday life melt away as you submerge in a rich grape-milk bath containing actives of Redbush extract, Panthenol and Hyaluronic acid. Immerge from the bath to enjoy a pampering AromaVine™ Moisturizing Body massage.

Wellbeing Spa Ritual

Duration: 75 minutes

Escape the signs of fatigue with this luxurious wellbeing ritual. Discover the healing and energizing effects of soaking in a marine bath, rich in active ingredients, combined with the relaxing effects of the massage jets. Immerge from the bath to receive a wonderfully pampering massage followed by the application of ... More

Muscle-Release Spa Ritual

Duration: 105 minutes

After receiving a warm, aroma-infused sugar scrub, you are submerged in a hydrotherapy bath containing a concoction of muscle warming actives. A muscular aches and pains oil is applied to your body after which a massage is performed to help ease the pains of muscle spasms, arthritis, rheumatism and fatigue. A circulating gel is then applied, leaving your body feeling refreshed and invigorated. ... More

Face And Body Glow Experience

Duration: 105 minutes

Prepare to indulge in our full, sensory signature experience by sipping on a cup of anti-oxidant vine juice. After receiving a foot cleanse ritual, both face and body are exfoliated to ensure a natural, healthy glow. Relax whilst receiving a pampering face and body massage using AromaVine™ Pinotage oils. You are then embalmed in an extremely moisturising vine treatment cream to hydrate and nourish your skin. Awaken to a warm, botanical infused compress. Pure bliss! ... More

Vitality Spa Ritual

Duration: 135 minutes

Indulge your senses and recharge your body and mind in a deep cleansing and energizing ritual. Your body is cleansed with an exfoliating sponge embedded with a concoction of red grape skin extract, redbush extract and vegetable soap – something totally unique! A warm, uplifting oil is then poured over your body, followed by a massage to release any deep seated tension and stress. ... More

Deluxe Pamper Package

Duration: 240 minutes

Prepare yourself for the ultimate indulgence and stress release. To commence, you will enjoy a foot cleansing ritual followed by our crushed Pinotage honey and lime salt scrub. You are then immersed in a hydrotherapy tub filled with our elixir of red grape skin extract and our rich bath milk. Melt away tension with one of our blissful AromaVine™ massages followed by a therapeutic hair and scalp treatment. The luxurious, specialized facial that follows is an intensive boost using vitamins, minerals, peptides and scientifically proven actives to hydrate, nourish and revitalize your skin. Finally, a warm, hydrating milk is poured over your feet to treat your skin and nails – followed by a pressure point massage which leaves you completely relaxed and rejuvenated. ... More