Therapeutical mud application

The mud, we use, is originating from Varna lake. The main point of mud-cure is the complex action over the whole human body basically of the thermal, chemical and mechanic factors. Mud-cure is a method of application the remedial mud in a proper way, aiming healing. Mud application for treatment of articulation, muscular, gynecological diseases.

Mud also releases trace elements, which are necessary for the organism’s functioning. Its healthy influence has an immediate effect on the skin. Upon the first application, the softness and elasticity of the skin returns. Long-term application under medical control can be used for treating psoriasis, neurodermatitis and eczema.
Thanks to its warmth, mud relaxes the organism and has an anti-stress action. 90% of the people who have tested the mud application method, confirm its relaxing effect and state that accumulated tension disappeared altogether after the procedure.